Your Diet Isn't Working!
I Will Show You What Does!

How you tried every diet in the book, but your waistline keeps expanding and blood pressure keeps rising? That's because deprivation and diets don't work. In fact, diets can make your GAIN weight and worsen health! But that doesn't mean achieving your goals is impossible. It can actually be easy! I have helped thousands of individuals lose over 100,000+ pounds and take control of their health. And I can show you exactly what you need to do to achieve the same success with my simple, yet effective method.

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If you feel like no matter what you eat or how much you exericise, you just can't see the results, you are not alone. When I started out as a dietitian, I thought the same thing as most people: effective weight loss happens from eating less and moving more. Simple enough, right? But after seeing so many people fail at this strategy, I realized there had to be a better way. Why could some people lose weight easily and others struggle so much? After studying and comparing hundreds of my clients (those who were successful and those who were not), I learned exactly which simple principles led to effective, long term weight loss. And I was shocked to see just how easy they were. Once I was able to share what I learned with my clients, they achieved amazing weight loss and health success in a short period of time and continue to maintain these results. And now, with my new online course, you can experience the same results from the comfort of your home!

“I never knew it could be this simple! In one month I have lost 19 pounds and gained energy & confidence I never knew I had. I can't believe it can be this easy!”

-James A., client


Ask yourself, how will you feel when your finally see the scale moving in the right direction and staying there? What in your life will be different when you reach your health and weight loss goals? You know what you want to achieve your goals, and I want to show you exactly how to get there and how great it feels to be successful with your weight loss and health efforts once and for all!


"Weight loss and health success is not about deprivation and hunger. It’s about learning the small, simple yet effective steps you need to consistently make over time. Overhauling everything at once won’t work. I will show you exactly what does work, and how easy it can be. Join me today!"

A Word From Erin...

“I have shown thousands of my private clients how to lose over 100,000+ pounds, naturally eliminate the need for blood pressure medications, and take control of their health once and for all. Let me show you just how simple it can really be! If you are sick of yo-yo dieting, I can show you what really works. My clients have done it, and so can you!